Faggot Cobs!

Lurking in Loughborough again the week, I nipped into John Squiers.

A very ordinary looking and old fashioned butchers shop which hides a secret…

A proper, traditional faggot cob.

That will beat your MacDonalds into a cocked hat and amazingly costs just a quid, I urge you to go and treat yourself.

I was obliged to meet someone in Loughborough the other night & they suggested meeting up at The White Horse.

the worst pub in Loughborough

“A pint of bitter” said I.

But sadly (amazingly) they’d sold out, “The nearest thing we have to bitter is errr…”

I had a very quick Coke and left, there was only one other bloke in there, which speaks volumes.

Well that just goes to prove that it’s not what you know or do or how you do it – it’s just down to who you know.
I’ve been buggering about with this website in various forms since 2002. I wrote the campervan cookery book & made the TV trailers, but did anyone have the vision to commission it?
Sadly not, they waited for some bloke they all knew to turn up and be able to make mushrooms on toast.
Do you know how often BBC based folk trawl my website?
They even taught him to take his shoes off.

I think I’ll cut my hair & go do something else.

Click to enlarge & then click to make a bit bigger.

Got the comment & the phone call from ITV asking if I’d like to be a contestant on Britain’s Best Dish and I have to say I was flattered, but to be honest, I don’t think that the sort of simple rustic (an interesting word that I will be using more of) food that I make is really going to win me any plaudits on UK television at the moment. They seem obsessed with the ponciest of poncey food.

Does anyone out there on the interweb remember when the done thing was to use a teaspoonful of dried herbs when cooking to add flavour & a shed load of fresh herbs at the end as a garnish? It appears that everyone on the telly has to shove in great handfuls of fresh herbs right at the very start – it’s nothing to do with flavour – it just makes it look exotic – TV bullshit!

Astonishingly, after I thought that all the fuss had died down, I received a phone call last week from Radio Leicester asking me if I’d like to cook something on their lunchtime show. Obviously being the attention seeking hairy that I am, I agreed, but was a little curious as to why they wanted me to demonstrate ‘cooking on the exhaust pipe’ rather than something more traditional. And then I realized that it’s because I’m an attention seeking hairy!

Popped over to Leicester this very lunchtime for an interesting hour with Bill Buckley, nice bloke, but sadly I was caught in traffic and my ‘steak au van’ was well done & my gammon & pineapple was burnt to what can only be described as a cinder!

Television producers seeking a series like nothing broadcast previously¬† – call now, while there’s still time.

No it’s bloody well not.

We’ve been going to the same campsite & parking in the same spot in the same field for 8 years, because we like it. Tried to book again this week & no! No? “No we’ve not got a license for camper vans in that field, You must be in a tent to be in that field”.

Doesn’t it do your head in? First she tells me that I can go in the Rally Field if I get a Rally License from VisitEngland.com – Guess what? VisitEngland.com have never heard of a rally license. Now it seems I shall have to go in the exclusive (& sadly very shady) adults only area.

This the very site that one year told me over the phone when I tried to book that they were absolutely rammed & couldn’t possibly fit in a single additional vehicle. We turned up anyway to find that we were the only vehicle on site!