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Barbarcued Lamb

Easy Peasy BBQ Lamb

Barbecued Lamb – Click on the image to enlarge & then click again to make it bigger…

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Breakfast – Click image above to enlarge…

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This was a bit of an experiment; I’ve been making lousy corn fritters for as long as I can remember and I’ve got a chicken maryland recipe to write up for a magazine shortly and really needed to be able to make a decent fritter.

So here’s my recommendation for a very easy corn fritter & by God I’ve tried a few in the last couple of weeks.


Half a can of Creamed Corn – this is the key, I’d read about it but never seen it, Supermarkets don’t seem to sell it, but Chinese shops do. 2 ounces of plain flour & an egg.

Drop the egg and the flour into the creamed corn and mix up all the ingredients with a whisk to get a bit of air into it.

Place tablespoonfuls of the mixture onto a hot, lightly oiled griddle or frying pan. Watch for small bubbles forming on the top of the fritter, this is the signal to turn it over for a final couple of minutes or so.


Sprinkle well with salt and serve immediately.

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Easy barefoot Tandoori with Mint Raita.

Preparation Time – 10 minutes – plus marinading time.

Cooking Time – about 10 minutes.

Servings – 2

Clear Up – dead easy, wipe the chopping board & throw everything else away.


A jar of Patak’s Tandoori curry paste

2 chicken fillets, or use a packet of Tofu

Pitta breads.

Onion & Cucumber

A small pot of plain yoghourt

& two teaspoons of mint sauce.


Cut the chicken fillets (or tofu) into cubes about an inch square, cover with about 4 teaspoons full of Tandoori paste & place in a container to marinate for at least two hours. I often do this before I leave home.

Light the barbecue and leave to warm up for at least 20 minutes.

This gives you plenty of time to put half a dozen or so cubes onto some skewers, slice up the onion & cucumber and to prepare the mint raita, by simply stirring 2 teaspoons full of mint sauce into the pot of yoghourt.

Place the skewers onto the barbecue for about 10 minutes, turning once.

Remove the meat or tofu from the skewers using a fork and wrap up in tin foil to rest whilst you heat the pittas on the barbecue for about 30 seconds a side

Simply split the warmed pitta breads, fill with the chicken (or tofu) and salad. Serve wrapped in kitchen towels and add a generous dollop of raita – you will be astonished how good this tastes for the minimal amount of effort it involves!

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This is my first experiment in blogging, the plan is to run with it for one year.

A year in which you, my avid reader will hopefully enjoy a glorious selection of camping recipes together with a travelogue and a selection of pub, restaurant and campsite reviews, recommendations and other assorted opinionated rubbish.

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