…well a bit different…

The ‘South Jersey Volkswagen Club’ have posted up a link to my site – another American club that just doesn’t seem to get it?

BBQ Roast Chicken

Sunny Roast Chicken

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Well that was an interesting couple of days.

I have done more interviews & photo shoots in the last couple of days than you would believe. I appear to have been on at least three local radio stations and have been featured in the Sun, the Mail & the Daily Telegraph.

I even turned down an interview.

There’s a link to my favourite report over on the right.

I’m guessing that it must be a slow news day;

My day started with a phone call from the Evening Telegraph, apparently they heard me on the radio and will be sending a photographer round later…

Then I phoned the garage, he’d seen a trail on the BBC’s Breakfast news programme.

Then I popped into the Co-Op for a loaf and it seemed that everyone in there had heard me on the radio.

barefoot Radio…

…curiouser and curiouser…

I have just been interviewed by the very pleasant Erica for an article about being barefoot on the Radio Leicester breakfast show.

This follows on from folk being asked not to shop in Tesco’s whilst wearing pajamas, I have been thrown out of Tesco’s many times for being barefoot – they have a very ‘shoddy’ attitude.

Barbecued Lamb

Barbarcued Lamb

Easy Peasy BBQ Lamb

Barbecued Lamb – Click on the image to enlarge & then click again to make it bigger…

Camping Breakfast

Breakfast – Click image above to enlarge…